Welcome (back) to pavleheidler.wordpress.com. If you’ve been here before, you will notice that the content of the website changed. pavleheidler.wordpress.com is now a ‘private’ website, here to inform you of pavleheidler’s work and initiatives. If you’re looking for the writings that used to be hosted by this website – please, go to dancerswriting.wordpress.com. There you will find pavleheidler’s writing and eventually writings of other dancers/writers.

I’ve been wanting for some time now to offer you, The Reader, insight into other people’s points of view regarding dancing, choreography and performing – not only my own. Since the decision to make that attempt was made, I realised: if other artist’s writings were to be published, this could not be done so on the website that carries one person’s name. This is when/why dancerswriting.wordpress.com was invented.

pavleheidler.wordpress.com will continue existing, will continue informing, and will continue sharing, initiating, caring. Hope your interest in dancing flourishes!